Today's students are Tomorrow's leaders 


We Rely on Today's Leaders.

Community Heart offers a platform for motivated, rising high school seniors to fill voids and create unity in their community. We support our Community Heart Scholars every step along the way of completing their community service project through providing guidance, mentorship, and resources.



Community Heart Scholars are called to act on their core values and develop a plan of action for the betterment of their community. We hope to encourage not only our scholars, but also the members of the communities they serve to live everyday life according to the core values depicted above.


To Make a Difference

Our Scholars will carry out their plans of action through community service. Their plans will entail more than tweeting and posting Facebook statuses, Community Heart Scholars will be hands on and physically connecting with their community.


On Their Journey to Higher Education

We know the cost of college tuition is constantly rising and every bit of help is greatly appreciated, so we award our Community Heart Scholars with college scholarship awards at completion of the Community Heart Scholar Program. We look forward to our scholars to bring their drive and passion for community service to their college campuses.


Turn inspiration into action

Make a difference in your community. Your contributions help us continue our efforts to pair student leaders with volunteer opportunites to change the world.